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Cup Condom Black

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This protective glass cover, also known as a "glass cap", glass charlotte or Cup Condom is an essential accessory to protect your drink at night.

This glass condom protects your glass from drugs and spills thanks to its latex material which perfectly fits the curves of the nightclub glass.

This fully washable accessory can be used over and over again for maximum effectiveness and safety.

The best way to fight against glass intrusion.

With its stretchable material, the glass cover will perfectly fit the curves of all your glasses. The product acts as a hermetic cover and thus prevents the intrusion of drugs or substances into the glass.

In France, young women and students at parties in clubs and bars are regularly assaulted by drugs without their knowledge. The effects of these drugs, such as GHB, known as the "rapist's drug", disinhibit these young women, leading to a weakening of the body and a loss of consciousness.

In order to fight against these attacks and to guarantee a safe evening to its customers, Sparklers-club proposes you the glass condom or Cup Condom which acts as a real protection by preventing an illicit substance from coming into contact with the contents of the glass. And participates in this dissuasion by the action anti illicit substance recognized in France, advocated in particular by the association of defense of the students.

An effective deterrent accessory.

By allowing young women and students to protect their drinks in the evening, aggressors are dissuaded from taking action, thus causing an impressive drop in victims.

The glass condom, glass condom or cup condom is available in Sparklers-club's stock at very attractive prices. The glass condom is made of a multi-purpose stretch latex that fits the curves of the glass perfectly.

On the top of the cover, a space is designed to insert a straw. The glass cover is also equipped with small handles to make it easier to put the cover on. Sparklers-club also offers you the possibility to personalise your lids.

Indeed, a personalization is proposed to you on estimate in order to add your logo on all your lids. This personalization will allow you a good blow of publicity for your bar while guaranteeing safety and serenity with your customers and in particular the young women targeted at the time of evenings students.

Find our stock of glass condom, glass condom or cup condom at very attractive prices. And take advantage of top-of-the-range products for all your parties.


The protection fits on different diameters of glasses going from 5 to 8 cm.

Colour : Black
Dimensions: 5cm diameter x 2.5cm length


Possibility to personalise your condoms! Ask for a quote at



Color :Noir
Size :5x2,5cm
Shape :Round
Material :Latex
Eco-friendly :Yes

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Cup Condom Black
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