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White Flying Lantern 100% biodegradable

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White Flying Lantern 100% Biodegradable.
Handmade from organic materials, ecological and environmentally friendly, the 100% Biodegradable White Flying Lantern is supplied with instructions and burner.

- Top quality product
- Easy to install
- 100% biodegradable material made of fireproof rice paper
- 100% biodegradable burner included

Instructions for use are on the packaging of each lantern
- You can write a message on the lantern with a marker.
- Perfect for weddings, birthdays, events, etc...

Biodegradable: When you burn the flying lantern, it flies up to 1000 meters, then falls slowly to the ground.
Dimensions: 30x45x80cm

Setting up a flying lantern.

Choose a safe location for the release and good weather. There should be no trees, roofs, power lines or other potential obstructions in the immediate vicinity of where you are releasing the lantern.

Open the lantern. When you are ready to release it, make sure the hole at the bottom is fully open and that the balloon material is securely attached to the frame.

Fill the lantern with air and take the burner out of its packaging. Before releasing it, make sure that the lantern is fully inflated so that none of the paper walls sag inwards. Then attach the burner to the bottom centre of the lantern.

Light the wick. Hold the lantern upright and light the wick so that the hot air produced by the flame can inflate the balloon. It may take a minute or two for the lantern to float in the air. In the meantime, hold the sides of the balloon so that it remains open and upright.

Release the lantern and admire it. Wait until you feel the lantern pull up slightly and then simply release it (no need to throw it). Enjoy the magical and soothing sight.

Never throw the lantern in the air!




Color :White
Size :100cm
Material :Silk paper
Eco-friendly :Yes
Recyclable :Yes

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