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All payments made on our website are secure.
Payment data is encrypted using a protocol defined by an approved payment service provider for banking transactions carried out on our site. does not store or save any bank details to avoid any risk of piracy.

We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, bank cards (VISA, Master Card, Paylib), bank transfers and administrative mandates (for public bodies).

Payment in instalments is possible from a purchase of €100 and is made directly on the website.

To initiate payment in several instalments, you need to validate your basket by clicking on "SUBMIT ORDER" , then at the " PAYMENT " stage you need to select payment in 2, 3 or 4 instalments, making sure you tick the one that interests you.

Transport and Delivery

For standard delivery in mainland France, please allow 48 to 72 hours for delivery.
We also offer an express delivery service to receive your order the next day (24 hours), if placed before 3pm the previous day.

For delivery of pyrotechnic products in mainland France, please allow 48 to 72 hours for delivery . For fireworks, the delivery time can be 5 to 10 days.

We also offer an express delivery service to receive your order the next day(24 hours), if the order is placed before 3pm the previous day (excluding fireworks).

For express delivery within 24 hours, the delivery charge is €9.90.

For express delivery of pyrotechnic products within 24 hours, the delivery charge is €14.90.

Delivery to Corsica costs €19.90. Please note that delivery takes around 72 hours and that Corsica is not eligible for express delivery.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to deliver pyrotechnic products to the French overseas departments and territories, as they are subject to very strict regulations that differ depending on the geographical location. A product is classified as pyrotechnic if it contains active material.

The following products are classified as pyrotechnic: fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs, stage jets, sparkling fountains and sparklers. All the other products have no contraindications and can be delivered in the French overseas departments and territories.

Overseas delivery takes 3 to 4 days and costs €69 (may be adjusted depending on the order).

We deliver our products to the following European countries:Italy,Spain,Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark and Luxembourg ,

For delivery in Europe to eligible countries, please allow an average of 72 to 96 hours for delivery. Please also note that we do not offer express delivery for our deliveries abroad and that pyrotechnic products cannot be sold/delivered abroad.

For delivery in Europe, you will need to pay €6.90 for postage, which is free from a purchase of €49 on our site.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to deliver pyrotechnic products abroad, as they are subject to very strict regulations that differ depending on the geographical location. A product is classified as pyrotechnic as soon as it contains active material.

The following products are classified as pyrotechnic: fireworks, firecrackers, smoke bombs, stage jets, sparkling fountains and sparklers. All other products have no contraindications and can be delivered abroad.

Returns and Refunds

Your order may be eligible for a partial or full refund in the following cases:

  1. One or more items you have received is (are) damaged
  2. One or more items you have received is (are) faulty
  3. One or more of the items you received is/are missing from the parcel
  4. Your order arrived late
  5. You no longer need your order or it does not suit you and you wish to return it

To do this, you need to make a complaint directly on our website in the contact section on the top right-hand side of our website. For cases 1, 2 and 3, be sure to attach photos of all the items received and of the box in which the parcel was delivered.

To receive a refund for an order, it takes 72 hours from receipt of the order at our warehouses, provided that the products received in your return are compliant (intact and in their original packaging).

There are two reasons for wanting to return a parcel: the first is that you have encountered a problem with your order (a problem with the content of the order or a product defect). The second reason is that the product received does not meet your expectations or does not suit you.

In both cases it is possible to make a return, simply if you wish to return the product because it does not suit you anymore, the shipping costs will not be refunded. So in these two cases, you must follow the following procedure:
you go to our website, when you go down to the bottom of the page, in the first column you will find the heading "RETURN ORDER" you will just have to fill in this document and slip it inside the parcel you wish to return. After that, all you have to do is send it and you will be reimbursed within 48 hours of receiving the package.

In the event of a problem (breakage, breakdown, repairs, etc.) with an effects machine, stage jet stations or any other electronic device purchased on our site, you can make a complaint to our after-sales service.

To do this, you need to send your request by e-mail to with photo(s) and, ideally, video(s) to support it, so that we can identify the problem and find the most appropriate solution.

Remember to include your contact details in the body of the email: order number, surname/first name, telephone number.


Fireworks products are all products containing active material, including fireworks, firecrackers, smoke, stage fountains, cake fountains and sparklers.


A firework is lit with a wick and a lighter: bend your knees and stretch your arms. Be careful not to stand over the fireworks. Light the fuse with a lighter and join the spectators.

An automatic firework is a firework that requires only one ignition (per fuse) so that all the fireworks follow each other automatically.

Sparklers Club fireworks are generally of category F3, which implies the maximum precautions to be taken when setting off these fireworks.

The different fireworks have been classified into 4 categories and divided according to their danger and noise level. The first three categories F1, F2 and F3 list fireworks for recreational use, while the F4 category is exclusively intended for show professionals. (You can find the category of each of our fireworks in the product descriptions on the site)

The location of the launch must be chosen carefully. You will need to establish a safety zone around the launch area, the launch area should be at least 50 metres away from the guests (this will vary depending on the fireworks). A flat and smooth ground free of vegetation and houses is preferable. The fireworks case should also be fixed to the ground to avoid tipping over when the fireworks are fired. We advise you not to use fireworks in periods of high winds or drought (you can find more details on the product sheets of the different fireworks)

For a firework display in the F3 category, on private land, no prior authorisation is required. However, it is strongly recommended to inform the municipal services for a serene and respectful use. The fact that the various services are informed will facilitate matters in the event of problems or incidents.
In addition, municipal or prefectoral decrees may have been issued on a local basis. Indeed, in case of drought or strong wind, all pyrotechnic activities can be suspended even for categories F1 and F2. For fireworks or firecrackers in public places, especially in the street on 14 July, an authorisation must be obtained from the Town Hall, which will assess the risk and decide whether or not to grant your request.

We remind you that only people of legal age are allowed to handle stage jets. You must keep a distance of at least one meter from a stage jet, just as you must keep a distance of one meter between the top of the sparks and the ceiling.

Stage jets

A stage jet must be triggered with a shooting kit or HF box.

Yes, all the stage jets we sell are compatible with all shooting stations (except the 5 meter stage jets which have a slightly larger diameter)

Our stage jets can be used both indoors and outdoors, the only condition being that there must be sufficient space on the stage, both indoors and outdoors (space allowing a diameter of one metre around the lit stage jet).

We have solved more than 90% of the problems caused by incorrectly connected stage jets or batteries.

Here are the steps to follow to check the stage jet connections.

For the 2 and 4 station kits:
Put in new 9V batteries and check the direction of the battery.
It is possible that the stainless steel tips for the contact with the battery are too far back, you can straighten them with your finger in order to establish good contact with the battery.

Test that the remote controls are well programmed to the stations.
Take the remote control with a button, press the red button, the LED with the SUN pictogram must blink, you must press the red button relatively hard.
For the kit of 4 stations, you can do the same for the remote control with the buttons A, B, C and D.

Insert the stage jet in the station, respect the direction of the jet and connect the two cables to the station. These 2 cables must not touch each other, otherwise it creates a short circuit and the jet will not be triggered.
When the cable is well connected, the LED with the ECLAIR pictogram must light up, if it is not the case, it means that the stage jet is badly connected.

If a problem persists after all these tests, please make a short video where we have to see:
> The lit stations
> The connection of the stage jets and the stage jet in the right direction

> Press the remote control to trigger the stage jet

For the 8 and 12 station kits:
Put in new LR06 batteries and check the direction of the battery.

Test that the remote controls are correctly programmed to the stations.
Take the remote control with one button, press the red button, the Power & Test LED must blink, you must press the red button relatively hard.
You must do the same for the remote control with the buttons A, B, C and D (for the 8 stations) or the large remote control (for the 12 stations).

Insert the scene jet in the station, respect the direction of the jet and connect the two cables to the station. These 2 cables must not touch each other, otherwise it creates a short circuit and the jet will not be triggered.
When the cable is well connected, the LED " TEST " must go out, if it is not the case, it means that the stage jet is badly connected.

If your stage jet does not work, you can make a complaint directly on our website in the contact section (top right of the website if you are on a computer).

Once on it, you briefly explain the problem by adding a video to support it, thank you for making a small video where we must see:
> The stations lit
> The connection of the stage jets and the stage jet in the right direction
> Press on the remote control to trigger the stage jet

We remain at your disposal.


Most of our firecrackers work with a wick that is lit in the following way: To make a perfect shot, you must put the firecracker on the ground, takea lighter and light the fuse of the firecracker. (This is for adults only) Do not stand over the firecracker, once it is lit, move a few metres away. The firecracker will then explode producing a very addictive sound and visual effect.
If the fuse does not burn or the firecracker does not explode. Leave it on the ground and wet it well with water. Never pick up a firecracker that has not exploded.
There are firecrackers with fireless ignition, intended for minors, these firecrackers produce a very amusing sound effect, it is enough most of the time to throw it on the ground to obtain a sound effect. If you want more information, you can consult the product sheets of our different firecrackers on the site.

You should set off your firecrackers outside in a safe place. Throwing firecrackers into a crowd is forbidden, you need a clear area and do not fire your firecrackers in the direction of houses or vegetation. We remind you that depending on the category of the firecracker, only a person of legal age can set it off (you can find more information on this subject on the product sheets on our website)

Firecrackers are classified in various categories according to their danger and their sound level, they will have various safety measures. (You can find the category of our firecrackers in the details of our product sheets directly on the site)

o The F1 category includes low risk fireworks. Forbidden to children under 12 years old, their use must be done only outside and the firecracker must be positioned at a minimum distance of 1 meter from the user.

o F2 fireworks are low-risk fireworks, forbidden to minors, they must be handled outdoors on open ground, respecting a minimum safety distance of 8 metres.

o For the F3 category, firecrackers represent a higher risk, exclusively reserved for adults, their use must be done outside in large spaces and a minimum distance of 25 meters must be respected.

o The F4 category is simply reserved for entertainment professionals.

In addition to these measures, it is also advisable to wear protective gloves and protective glasses.


First of all, the choice of your smoke generator will depend on the use you wish to make of it.

o If you want to use a smoke generator in a stadium for a sporting event we recommend 30-45 second hand-held smoke generators. Smoke grenades for sports use are classified as F1/P1, which means that they cannot be used by minors. Despite their low danger, only an adult may operate the smoke bombs. For a performance inside a stadium, only smoke bombs of the above-mentioned class may be used, and only if the situation permits.

o If you want to make an original st aging we advise you to use 1min smoke bombs. If you are a photographer, director or a private individual looking for ideas to create a play, a photo shoot or to create a special atmosphere for a theme day or evening, you will find at Sparklers-club one-minute smoke generators perfect for these circumstances. You can choose smoke generators that are placed directly on the ground or held in the hand, it's up to you to choose what suits you best.

o Also for your ceremonies, you can surprise your guests with 2 minute smoke bombs placed on the ground. The smoke pot, ideal for creating a mystical atmosphere. The smoke that comes out of the pots will allow the newlyweds to make their entrance with a fanfare or to vitalise a photo session.

Of course, these are just suggestions, and you are free to use them as you wish. In addition, you have a wide range of colours to choose from, as well as different ignition systems: rubbing, pin or wick.

The ignition system of a rubbish collector is very similar to the ignition of a match, it works by friction:

It should be used outside to avoid any risk of inhalation.
After removing the pin, you should quickly place the smoke bomb on a flat surface and keep a minimum distance of one metre to enjoy the show as calmly as possible. It can also be held at arm's length once lit.

The ignition system of a wick smoke is very similar to the ignition of a candle:

All our smoke generators are designed for outdoor use. We advise you to choose a well-cleared area to use your smoke generator.

Not all of our smoke bombs can be hand-held. Pot smoke is the only smoke that must be placed on the ground. Apart from these, all other smoke generators, whether with pin, wick or wick, can be held at arm's length.
(You will find this information in the product descriptions of our smoke generators directly on the website)

Magic candles and cake fountains

Our magic candles are lit with a lighter. Simply place the flame on the top of the candle until it goes off.

When the candle is lit, we recommend that you stand at a distance ofone metre from it.

Our cake fountains are lit with a lighter. Simply place the flame on the top of the fountain until it is lit.

When the fountain is lit, we recommend that you keep a distance ofone metre from it.


Confetti cannons

To use the manual confetti cannon, simply turn the tube in the direction indicated and let the compressed confetti fly out.
The rejected confetti will rain down on the delighted guests.

The electric confetti cannon is a tube containing compressed confetti and must be placed on a launch base and operated by remote control.
The electric confetti cannon (or shot) will propel a large quantity of confetti several metres into the air.

This is a compressed air confetti cannon, which means that there will be no explosion as with a firework for example. It's just that the firepower is strong enough to hurt someone.

First of all, make sure you hold the gun the right way round before firing it and never aim it at a person or animal. You should also be careful not to keep it within reach of small children and especially not to let them play with it. Finally, do not pierce the gun as it contains a tank with pressurised gas and do not store it near a heat source.


As there are different sizes of helium bottles and different sizes of balloons, there is no precise answer.
Simply, we can note that a 0.14m3 bottle (small bottle) can inflate 17 balloons with a size of 23cm and that a 0.40m3 bottle (large bottle) can inflate 50 balloons.

To make it clearer, for a helium cylinder with a capacity of 0.14m3, the following information is given:

For a helium cylinder with a capacity of 0.25m3, the following information is given:

For a helium cylinder with a capacity of 0.40m3, the following information is recorded:

Our helium cylinders are recyclable due to their recyclable steel material (to be disposed of at a waste disposal site with metal objects).

All of our balloons can be inflated with either air or helium, the choice is yours depending on the use you wish to make of them.
Simply, for latex balloons, and for aluminium balloons not exceeding 35cm, we advise you to inflate with air only.

To create a balloon bouquet, you first need to choose a colour theme. Once your theme is defined, you will need to select your balloons. Latex balloons or aluminium balloons, the idea here is to match them together to create a homogenous and chic bouquet.

Finally, choose matching ribbons and bring a bottle of helium. Now all you have to do is follow our steps to create your balloon bouquet:

  1. Take three/four or more balloons, inflate them with helium and tie them separately with a pretty ribbon.
  2. Group the balloons together and arrange them so that they are well placed. Here you can arrange them on the same level or slightly offset.
  3. Tie them all together.
  4. And arrange the balloons so that they look perfect.

You can hang your balloons on a weight or hang them on a stand to give height to an object.

First of all, we advise you to visualize the arch you want to make. Do not hesitate to print the photo or to draw a sketch. The size and colour of the different balloons should be harmonious, so don't hesitate to add to your stock so that you don't run out of products when you start assembling.

Take fishing line, wire, ribbon, string and a weight to hold your arch. Once you have gathered your items, we begin the assembly.

For a half-arch structure to be placed over a table or entranceway, for example, you need to :

  1. Hang a string on the wall that will define the first shapes of your structure to give you an idea.
  2. Stickers, tape... remember to hang the string well so that it does not move when the assembly is finished.
  3. Don't fix the end of the string to the wall straight away, as you will need to pass the balloons through the end of the string to make your balloon arch easier to assemble.


To choose the theme of your decoration, you must first think about the atmosphere you wish to convey and identify a colour code to obtain a coherent and refined decoration .

  • For a women's birthday party, gold-pink themes are most often chosen by young women. The pink-gold base allows you to create different festive themes such as an exotic, romantic or bohemian birthday party.
  • For a man's birthday, we suggest you create a room and table decoration in a silver, black and metallic blue theme.

Also to add more festivity we advise you to add to your decoration accessories (hats, glasses, balloons, bracelets...) With which your guests will not have time to get bored!

The idea here is to decorate the cake with a beautiful originality and to make it as large as possible.

The cake should look greedy and festive. You can add edible decorations such as marzipan flowers, sugared almonds, fruit or decorate it with whipped cream. Once your cake is perfectly decorated, you can move on to the sparkling decorations that will light up your guests' eyes.

  • To make your birthday cake sparkle, you should first place your number candle on top of the cake
  • Then place sparklers, magic sparklers or more unusual candles
  • To finish off your birthday cake decoration you can place a shiny decoration with the message "happy birthday" for example and glittering fountains for an even more striking effect.

For a decoration full of surprises, the pinata can be placed near the sweet table before being hung up for the main event of the day. This will save you a little space and you won't risk getting it in your head with every move.

For those without an outdoor venue, the placement of the pinata may be problematic. Ideally, the pinata should be placed in the centre of your room, often the living room, taking note of the safety distances that are essential for the activity to run smoothly.

Once the hole is made and the braided pia rope or coloured ribbon is threaded, hang your pinata from a beam, ring or hook. If you don't have any of these options, the last thing you need to do to hang your pinata is to get two people to hold the rope over their heads and be patient for the children to enjoy.


The discovery of the wedding hall by your guests is one of the most anticipated moments of the evening. The room should reflect your personality and the atmosphere should reflect your image.

Here are some of the most important elements of decoration:

The wedding venue reflects a magical atmosphere. Certain accessories can give depth to a room and create a magical effect. Pennants and banners with tender messages will grace the walls of your wedding hall, but you can also hang them outside to create a bucolic atmosphere in the aisles or gardens.

Balloons in the shape of letters are the current trend, more playful, you will have fun combining them to give a bluffing relief to your decoration.

Also, to avoid letting the seating plan become a problem, opt for a cleaner and more practical style, numbers. The numbers are much easier to identify and your happy guests won't forget them. More minimalist, but just as classy, table numbers are placed with ease and style.

For a romantic and warm atmosphere, think of sprinkling your table runners with coloured petals that you will match with delicate bags containing sugared almonds, chocolates or other sweet treats.

The urn must respect your decoration and remain in the theme and not aggress your guests, or, on the contrary, go completely unnoticed.

The guestbook is the moment for your guests to engrave their feelings and their gratitude for having shared this magnificent moment with you. The guestbook is the little shrine of memories of this beautiful day, so make it your own and make it your idea of a wedding, full of charisma and style.

A bachelorette party should reflect the image of the bachelorette. The key to a successful Bachelorette Party is of course to focus on the expectations and preferences of the bride-to-be. In order to make the EVJF a success, you need to plan a friend, person or small group who knows the bride-to-be best and draw up a list of all the things she would enjoy on the day. You can then refine the list according to the number of girls attending and their budget.

A weekend away, a creative workshop, a sports activity, a fashion idea... whatever activities are planned, they should reflect the personality of the star of the evening.

An EVJF is a special day that needs to be precisely and personally organised. The girlfriends and other participants should focus on the girl to provide her with a stylish and trendy bachelor party.

The activities of an EVJF will be refined according to the number of girls participating and the budget of each.

o The most popular activity of an EVJF is the cocooning day. This is where we find the essentials of this special date. A day with friends, relaxation, a massage session, cocktails... all at home or planned during a weekend in a mystery destination. Depending on your budget, you can plan a weekend in France or in the world to make a lasting impression on this special day.

o Another activity that is particularly appreciated during this day is the series of games and offbeat courses on the end of bachelorhood and the beginning of marriage. A fun time with friends, you can organise these games at home by preparing a specialEVJF buffetand a sparkling birde to be balloon and room decoration.

Effect machines

First, you need to place the fog machine on a solid, flat structure. Plug in the cords and activate the LED light.
Once the machine is in position, pour the fog fluid into the tank.
Once operational, you can turn it on, and let it warm up for a few minutes, a light is activated on most machines when the machine has reached operating temperature.
After that, all you have to do is watch the smoke fill your space little by little.

Remember to check the level of the fog fluid from time to time.

To choose a machine for your party, you must first define how often you want to use it, the effects you want and the volume of the room. For individuals who wish to host parties, you must take into account the weight of the machine and the output. The transportable, compact and cordless fog machine with its attractive output will give you complete satisfaction in terms of price and ideal smoke volume. If you want a little more effect for your parties, a model with an integrated laser will bring a more fun touch to your staging
For professionals who regularly host parties, you need to consider the power of the machine, the heating time, the size of the tank and its output. A fog machine with various attachments will be more popular with DJs. Nightlife professionals will prefer a fog machine with a remote control
In short, if you want a casual machine, go for a compact, basic and lightweight device. Professionals will go for a machine with a large volume of smoke, remote control and battery.

Whatever your fog machine (Antari, Dmx, Beamz, with or without integrated LED lighting) the liquid used must be the one recommended by the manufacturer. (For each machine, the liquid to be used is indicated on the detailed product sheet on the website). For a standard smoke machine, a standard smoke liquid will always fit your machine, but we advise you not to use a heavy smoke liquid which is intended for specific machines.
We remind you that the smoke will be inhaled by your guests, the liquid must be absolutely of good quality and also perfectly adapted to this type of effect machine. Sparklers-club reminds you that it is not advisable to use cheap or homemade effect fluid.

A smoke machine and a fog machine will not produce the same effect:

o The fog machine uses a special fog machine liquid which, after being heated, emits a thick white smoke. The density of the smoke emitted by the machine allows for a nice dispersion of the product which appears as a large cloud.

o A fog machine offers a much finer density of smoke and allows the fog to disperse in the air over several metres and to be, in contrast, a much more subtle smoke.

To operate a snow machine, you must first purchase the special snow fluid available in our stock. The snow machine works with a liquid that has been designed exclusively for this machine. This water-based liquid will create large, realistic snowflakes.
Fill the tank of the snow machine with the snow liquid. Pressurise the machine and allow the liquid to foam. The snowflakes will then be propelled several metres and transform the atmosphere of the party.

Very easy to use. All you need is bubble liquid.
Once the tank is full, plug in the machine and it will provide you with quality soap bubbles to enhance your party.

Flying Lanterns

Our flying lanterns can be used for all types of events.
We recommend releasing them into the sky at a wedding or birthday party after dark for a unique and breathtaking show.

Once the lantern is out of its packaging, unfold it carefully and hold it by its bamboo circle.
To light the burner, youshould hold it upright and ask an adult to light it.
When the flying lantern is filled with hot air and you begin to feel its light effect, hold the bamboo circle firmly and gently release it.

If you wish to hold a flying lantern release, you will need to make three applications. The following measurements may vary depending on the municipality.
(A flying lantern release consists of sending a multitude of small flaming lanterns into the sky, which, depending on the venue, can be a safety hazard)

  1. Indeed, a release of flying lanterns must be accepted by the owner of the reception venue. For a wedding, for example, the owner must agree and establish with the bride and groom a precise location for the flight.
    The site must be cleared of vegetation for several metres so that the lanterns can rise into the sky without causing a fire hazard.
  2. The second request must be made to the Town Hall. The Town Hall reserves the right to accept or refuse the release.
  3. The third request is made to the prefecture in the form of a form. The services will have to define the regulations surrounding the release and check whether a prefectural decree prohibits the release of flying lanterns.

As soon as your authorisations are accepted, all you have to do is choose the ideal model of flying lantern for your party.

The place where the flying lanterns are released must be chosen with care. It must be clear of vegetation for several metres so that the lanterns can rise into the sky without causing a fire hazard.


The tube glass is a glass with a long appearance and a generous capacity. These tubes are perfect for serving cocktails to guests. Their long shape is ideal for serving drinks with crushed ice, a straw and cut fruit. They are also easy to handle and allow guests to move around easily.
They are generally very popular with bars and nightclubs for their practicality.

This is a round shaped stemmed glass with a large, open and beautiful capacity. These pool glasses are perfect for cocktails, as they have a large capacity and can be generously filled.

Baby shower - Gender Reavel

The baby shower is a party that is particularly eagerly awaited by the mother-to-be. This party is the ideal moment to introduce the baby, the baby shower is organised in a cocooning atmosphere allowing to welcome friends and family. This party can also be held shortly before the birth of the baby to prepare for its arrival.

The gender reveal is a prenatal party inspired by American traditions such as the baby shower. The gender reveal, generally organised around the 4th month of pregnancy, is a party that allows future parents to reveal the sex of their baby in an original way.

With friends and family, this gender reveal party is a unique moment of sharing and a special occasion to prepare the birth of the future baby.

The gender reveal is the event that will allow you to reveal to your loved ones in a spectacular way whether it is a girl or a boy.

The gender reveal is organised before the birth of the baby between the third and eighth month of pregnancy. This is when the mother can find out the sex of her child and starts to distribute the list of birth gifts and surround herself with advice and decorating ideas.

For a successful day, Sparklers-club gives you some tips to make your baby shower a success.

o For a baby girl's shower, you should decorate your room with decorative items and accessories designed for the occasion. These include garlands in pastel pink and gold, letter balloons, oddly shaped balloons and a set of pink disposable tableware with sweet baby written on it.

o For a baby boy's shower, we'd prefer to decorate in pastel blue, white and silver. Cloud balloon, confetti baby shower garlands with the baby's image and a set of disposable tableware especially for baby boys.

Sparklers-club reminds you that the choice of theme is important in order to organise your baby shower

This prenatal party is an opportunity to prepare for the birth of the future baby in a fun and friendly way. Activities and games are then carried out to accompany the mother towards the birth of the baby in a total good mood.
We will find here: tasting of the buffet with cake and coloured cupcakes, distribution of gifts, games and activities like the realization of the famous nappy cake, photo shooting, writing of the guest book and still full of ideas to sublimate each moment of this unique party.

We propose different original solutions to announce the sex of your future baby:

  • You have the choice of revealing it with smoke bombs that will let a thick pink or blue smoke appear.
  • You can also unveil it by piercing a big balloon filled with pink or blue confetti, giving a fairy-tale look to your ceremony.
  • We also offer a surprise effect with a special gender reaveal confetti cannon that will propel blue or pink confetti several metres into the air.
  • Even more original, you can choose to reveal the news with scratch cards revealing a blue or pink colour
  • Finally, it is possible to surprise your guests with a piñata in which you hit or pull the strings to reveal blue or pink goodies

It's up to you to choose the solution(s) that will suit you best.

The colours of the smoke generators can be distinguished as follows:
The baby shower GIRL smoke generator (pink) can be distinguished from the BOY by its PINK CAP on top of the smoke generator. The boy smoke (blue) will have a blue cap.

Also, on this packaging we find the inscriptions "GIRL OR BOY" or "BOY OR GIRL". The smoke with theinscription "GIRL OR BOY" (when the word girl is before the word boy) will be the one producing pink smoke, on the contrary the smoke with the inscription "BOY or GIRL" will produce blue smoke.